Debutante Ball

Debutante Ball


n 2008 the Hills Dance Factory held it's first Debutante Ball. A Debutante Ball is an event where a young female is formally introduced into society. The ball symbolizes the debut of the soon to graduate high school student into the young adult world. Traditionally the girl asks the boy to the ball, where dinner, speeches and dancing are all features of the evening. Unfortunately it seems the Debutante Ball has fallen out of fashion in recent times, which is why we are trying to revive the tradition.

Students between the ages of 16 - 18 (Year 11 & 12 High School Students) are invited to take part & the girls are presented at Springfield House. The Debutantes perform a traditional waltz with their partners, and then the younger students from the studio provide further entertainment for the girls they all look up to. After dinner the DJ takes over and everybody dances the night away. These nights are always a huge success with everybody having a great time.

We aim to hold a Debutante Ball every two years (approx.) and we are happy to say that it has become a beautiful tradition for the Hills Dance Factory. It is something that the younger students look forward to taking part in when they get to that age.