HDF Troupes


lecting to take part in the Troupe classes at HDF can be very rewarding and we encourage everyone to think about it. Making this decision however requires a commitment from the student (and their family). Taking part in Troupe classes is a choice YOU make and there are a number of conditions that need to be met.

A Troupe performer is a student who will put dance before all other commitments or activities. Along with the actual Troupe class, each student must attend a minimum of 1 x classical class & 1 x Technique / Strength and Stretch class each week (or a second Ballet Exam Class). In short each troupe student must be a technical performer attending a minimum of 3 classes each week.

We attend a minimum of three Eisteddfods per year in or around the Hills District. Unfortunately the exact days/times of the competition are sometimes not confirmed by the organiser until the week prior. We require all students performing to be at the eisteddfod 45mins before the scheduled dance time and you are free to leave after the adjudication of the section.

Troupe Costumes may range in price from $80.00 and above as they are a direct reflection of the studio and they are made to fit, custom designed and will be used a minimum of 4 times throughout the year. Students must travel to eisteddfods in full HDF attire. Hills Dance Factory tracksuits must be of the current style.

Dancers attending Troupe Classes are asked to not be absent during each term more than 3 times as the Troupe is a team and will work together in each class organising choreography, building the team environment and a dancers continued absence makes this very difficult and can determine weather or not he/she can continue as a member of the team. Also the timetable may change throughout the year to accommodate special rehearsals and sometimes you will be required on Saturdays or Sundays, we do however do all possible to limit the extra hours, as teachers we understand the importance of family time.

Teachers are instructed by Miss Gaby to create a disciplined, safe and inspiring environment with a focus on achieving the best results possible. Positioning in routines will be determined by ability not fairness and no correspondence with parents will be entered into about this matter. Students may not appear onstage for entire routines but rather can be on or off for sections to suit the choreography.

Parents and students who prefer a more fun-focused fair class may be better suited to enroll in our fun stream of classes available. Any questions regarding Troupe classes can be discused with your teacher.